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  1. 2022+ Hyundai Tucson General Discussion Forum
    New Ultimate Hybrid (Canada) owner here. Not a fan of the OEM wheels, so installed a set of Ruffino Boss gloss black rims. I like the way it turned out. Used OEM Hyundai TPMS sensors, centering rings and new lug nuts to match taper on the wheels. 19x8.5 with 40mm offset. Check the pics, all the...
  2. 2022+ Hyundai Tucson General Discussion Forum
    My 22 SEL Convenience Premium package Tucson comes with a traditional incandescent light, and it's super dim in the cargo area. I think possibly all models come with this, a strange omission considering how many LED's there are on this thing. I...
1-2 of 2 Results