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  1. 2022+ Hyundai Tucson General Discussion Forum
    I ordered my PHEV last oct in the deep sea blue ultimate trim. I was notified today that my car is buit and delivery will be July 15. The only problem is they are sending a different colour. Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. 2022+ Hyundai Tucson General Discussion Forum
    Hello, There’s a lot of discussion on this topic already but I’m not finding satisfying answers (maybe there isn’t any…). I’ve had my Tucson PHEV for a month now, great car, absolutely love it. However, I am a bit unhappy with the EV mode: the ICE keeps kicking in more often than I’d expected...
  3. 2022+ Hyundai Tucson General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I recently put a down payment on a Tucson 2023 PHEV, so I have lots of time to find out this information lol I have an nice set of subwoofers from my previous vehicle that I would love to install on my new PHEV when I get it, but I've been cautioned that this may void all or part of the...
  4. 2022+ Hyundai Tucson General Discussion Forum
    Hi folks, for the members who have taken possession of their PHEV and are driving in Canada or colder states of US, there was a lot of talk about the gas engine coming on in EV mode to heat up the cabin or defrost the front windshield. wanted to ask if the gas mileage was the 7/7.5l for 100kms...
  5. 2022+ Hyundai Tucson General Discussion Forum
    Hi folks, Ordered the 2022 Tucson ultimate phev a week ago. Wondering how long folks here have been waiting for it in Canada for this car and how far along are you with your order. I was told by the dealer I am likely to get a production date of 2022 Feb-mar and potentially a delivery date of...
  6. 2022+ Hyundai Tucson News
    So I got the new 2022 Tucson PHEV about 2 weeks ago and noticed that when I was in EV mode the engine would switch on and didn't know why. after some research both on reddit and on the Hyundai website in fine print it says that that even in EV mode the engine may engage when 1) you accelerate...
1-6 of 6 Results