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2022 Hyundai Tucson Dimensions

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There will be a long-wheelbase variant and a short-wheelbase variant for the 2022 Tucson.

The long-wheelbase Tucson measures at:

Length: 4,630 mm (182.3 inches)
Width: 1,865 mm (73.4 inches)
Height: 1,665 mm (65.6 inches)
Wheelbase: 2,755 mm (108.5 inches)

The short-wheelbase Tucson measures at:
Length: 4,500 mm (177.2 inches)
Width: 1,865 mm (73.4 inches)
Height: 1,650 mm (65 inches)
Wheelbase: 2,680 mm (105.5 inches)
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Here are the dimensions Hyundai lists on their website for the American Tucsons. The US is only getting the long wheelbase model.

2022 Tucson Dimensions

2022 Tucson2021 TucsonChange
Length (in.)182.3176.2+6.1
Width (in.)73.472.8+0.6
Height (in.)65.665.0+0.6
Wheel Base (in.)108.5105.1+3.4
Cargo Volume
(cu. ft.)
Passenger Volume
(cu. ft.)
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