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Hyundai has a bunch of segment-first exclusive features available in the 2022 Tucson.

Segment-first Exclusive Features

Tucson offers a number of segment-first exclusive features including:
  • Remote Smart Park Assist
    Remote Smart Park Assist allows owners to park and retrieve their Tucson from the tightest of parking spaces from outside the vehicle, a very convenient feature. Before a driver attempts to load passengers or luggage, the remote parking function can prove particularly useful, bringing the vehicle out of a tight space. The driver simply uses the smart key to drive the SUV forward or backward, into or out of a parking space, garage or any tight parking situation.

  • Remote Start with Heated and Ventilated Seats
    Remote Start uses a cellular data connection via the Blue Link app that allows an owner to warm up or cool down the Tucson remotely. This remote heating and cooling function includes heating and ventilation for the front seats.

  • Hyundai Digital Key
    Hyundai Digital Key is a segment-exclusive feature, supported via a dedicated smartphone app. The Digital Key app also allows smartphones to control selected vehicle systems remotely. Users can lock and unlock the vehicle, activate the panic alert and start the engine. Digital Key allows owners to leave traditional keys at home and allows secure sharing of keys with family and friends. Digital Key is currently compatible only with phones using the Android operating system.

  • Wireless Android Auto® and Apple CarPlay®
    Tucson now offers an eight-inch color touchscreen coupled with wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® to make staying connected easier than ever. Wireless pairing automatically connects an Android or Apple smartphone, so the driver can keep their phone in a pocket, backpack or purse. Owners can also conveniently drop it on an available Qi wireless charger.

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You know what they don’t have? Available all weather floor mats or cargo liner.

This is the first vehicle I’ve purchased that carpeted floor mats are an extra option and all weathers are not yet available.

Maybe they spent too much engineering budget on the DRL.
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