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2022 Tucson HEV Limited Version: Switchboard under drivers seat

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Today I was searching for something and looked under the drivers seat.
1. A switchboard is under the seat, which is exposed. I am scared of any water damage there.
2. There is piece of rectangular tubular pastic piping, next to this board, which came out easily. Seems like some kind of air intake.
This is also present below the passenger seat on the right front.
Anybody knows what these are?
I am specially surprised by the switch board under the seat. Might be for the seats themselves.
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@ALL94 posted the pics.
Thank you for the pictures. You're right on this, the switch board must be installed on the bottom of the seat or more protected from dust and humidity. We must keep our eyes on it.
I believe that's the heated seat controller, the duct work is to get heat to the rear seats when floor vents are selected

This has been the case on every heated seat car I've owned anyway. They're probably protected well, but in general if you have water on the heated seat do not turn them on. Same goes for this box, let it dry first

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Sorry, are you talking about the Bose amp/processor next to the vent tube?
Sorry, are you talking about the Bose amp/processor next to the vent tube?
Is that Bose Amp? Next to the vent tube?
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