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2022 Tuscon Limited hybrid question

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I bought a 2022 Tuscon yesterday and took my first commute to work in NYC. In slow or stopped traffic the large display changed to an outside view. Did the car think I was trying to park? Seeing this for the first time, it was disorienting to me because I didn't know what I looking at, at first. I will have to read the book when i get a chance, but thought someone would know
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You, most likely, have 360 camera view button always ON. This will trigger surround view kick in, when speed is less than 9 m/hr. It would be more preferable if you keep this 360 camera view button always OFF - it will automatically turns ON when you shift in reverse or park and have obstacles close by..
Check owner's manual, pages 7-114 to 7-118, very nicely explained in details.
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