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It started with a 2019 Kona Trend (Limited trim in US) that I love, but has sadly been in the shop for 3.5 months now, but as of this week, my work has provided me with a leased '22 Preferred (SEL down south) that is enjoyable to ride in. I say ride because the LKA and ACC is very good in comparison to all the rentals I have had over the years, and my commute is 35km of highway driving, and 2km of city.

It has it's quirks like the inability to turn off Adaptive cruise and just use regular cruise, and the infotainment is a bit sluggish (maybe lower spec chips due to shortages?), but other than those few things, it is a great car, and will be amazing in the winter with new Hakkapelitta R3s on 17" steelies.

We would have loved to go hybrid, but with limited city driving, it is nigh on pointless to spend a bunch more on a lease for a bit of city mileage, and roughly the same highway performance. Maybe in 4 years!
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