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Hey all,

I've had my 2022 Tucson hybrid in the dealership shop for about a month. The issue was the check engine light, as well as SOMETIMES other lights like the Blind spot Monitoring system lit up on the dash.

They've been trying to figure out the problem because it is pretty intermittent. But I just got a call saying they were super confident it was the ABS control module shorting out causing other systems to trip. The tech said that he ordered the module, and he checked other recent orders for the same module and saw one that was recently ordered and the customer complaints were pretty identical to mine.

Two questions really, has anyone else had intermittent check engine light and other lights pop on and had a fix for it from the dealer?
I've seen the recalls for prior years due to the ABS module engine fire concern, do they still use the same ABS module that they used it prior years or was I just lucky to get a bad one by coincidence?
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