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AMA about Hyundai Accessories - TUCSON

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Great to see all the excitement around the new Tucson, I know its not SO new to some of us. but with summer arriving, we may be looking into accessorizing our Tucson's for extended capability like roof racks or hitches so we can add on bike carriers, roof boxes etc.

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Car Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle

Interior protection things too, like liners and cargo trays, just ask!

Aurora Hyundai took great care of me!
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Yes yes, thanks for noticing my threads and hope im not spamming too much. As much as I am not a fan of hood deflectors or side visors, I think it looks pretty sharp on Tucson as it has a bit of an eyebrow look to it and joints directly over the grill - not disturbing the lines that make up the fascia of the vehicle.

the one you had seen on the Hyundai Canada site is exactly the item. Purchase was ho-hum and not too interesting and it affixes to the hood of the vehicle with pedestals that are double sided taped to the hood at a number of points across the front. Cleaning the hood and spending time making sure the pedestal areas are clean and dry are very important. Other than that, its lexan, tinted and any light scratches just buff out with mild rubbing compond or car polish.

Aesthetically it blends in with a mild aggressiveness and its right against the front curvature of the hood which could lead to a lot of wear from road debris. it does curl in under the lip of the hood to provide maximum coverage in that regard.

I can take some close ups if you would like, later on.

View attachment 1098

View attachment 1099

I am not affiliated with any dealer, but if there are enough interested parties, there could be a few sent across to the USA.
Sorry, but all colors of those hood protectors look awful, just sayin'. The running boards are useful and look sharp.
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