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AWD + SEL + Convenience + Premium + (Non-Hybrid) Order Process*

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There appear several threads encompassing Canadian (sounds like different procedures & steps), and/or either hybrid designs (? manufactured in S. Korea ?). Especially given current environment there's surprising little covering what I'll call a regular American gasser order. For reference, this relates to the Midwest and I'll update as status & progress indicate:

14 Feb - The one listed above was ordered (Portofino/Gray Leather)
10 Mar - The gist of a message received from the salesperson: "Car has entered production, no other information is available at this time except vin number will be established soon. March ETA for assembly complete, and May / June delivery.

Salesperson stated their practices match my definition of No Malarkey = NO market adjustment(s) (we'll see), NO dealer add-ons (we'll see), and competitive 'Doc. Fee' v. the competition.
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Just as follow-up I'm adding the details below from my other reply today to someone else's thread on a similar topic. You'll see the deliver time is brief for the gas model, and in my case even sooner than the dealer projected. Picking up from the dates above:

Text received from a dealer clerk Apr 11: [Basically just confirming the deposit amount.]
Phone call from salesperson Apr 12: "I was on vacation yesterday and found your vehicle this morning setting in the lot."
Driven home Apr 15

So, 2 months and one day for the whole thing, and and up to 2 months ahead of projected. At least for a gasser. As I've been seeing all along, the hybrid trims are longer.
And an interesting little extra treat is the interior has the lt. gray (actually chalk) insets and seats that I thought came only on the Limited and/or one or both of the hybrids. This thing is for my wife, but as soon as she saw the giant center screen and then the 400-page owners manual and other books in the glovebox she made me drive it home while she followed in her 20-year old Tribute. She cracks me up.

I thought I'd pass along a few of the extra goodies I chose for my wife as she settles into her new Forever Car:
*Floormats - I picked out TuxMat (Canadian nice eh) as they are very 'un-trucky' looking, well reviewed, cover a larger area and better protective borders than even the most recognized brands. 3D brand has an attractive carbon fiber look but no current availability for this model yet per their reply to my query to them ("check back in a few months..."). Plus, the TuxMat rear cargo mat will be back in stock 'soon', at least for the BOSE option per their cust. serv.. So, I won't be worrying about a cheap offshore temp. for the rear, or mismatching with a Weathertech - which we all know requires 'trimming' for the BOSE stereo option.
*Child Car Seat Protector and Mudflaps - I did go with Weathertech for these as I did not come across another option for the seat protector. And, the mudflaps come with that brand's known quality plus a smart 'no drilling' design.
*Gorilla Guard Wheel Locks - I have these on my Fleetwood and they are the best 'thieves are least likely to mess with' design I can think of. You won't find a listing on ANY supplier's online sources yet but I was told the #61631 by their Brand Manager. We'll see when they show up Thursday.

Finally, I bought (4) 'Hyundai' brand oil filter cartridges while at the dealer ($17 there v. $13 online oh well), as I'll be doing changes at 500 & 3,500 miles before the 'manufacturer's scheduled' 6,500, and again afterward as well.

Plus, just by off-chance I noticed in one of the glove box booklets that, 'Hyundai recommends Quaker State Oil'. And that kind of trivia becomes important for shutting everyone up involving warranty arguments whenever doing ones own maintenance. And keep ALL receipts!

And finally finally, as extra follow-up to my last points in the original post on 'the dealer experience'. The prime rate has gone up .25% since order, so the salesperson mentioned that during the call to set up closing and drive-away, along with re-confirming whether I still planned no trade-in. During that same call I asked whether there were (or would be) any 'surprises' or issues aside from what was discussed at time of order. I referred to mandatory dealer-added items like 'ceramic paint correction' (which is good for up to an added $3,000 with some dealers in the region), or any of the other high margin stuff like (mediocre quality) floormats, first-aid kit or cargo net. There was absolutely no malarky at all, and we not only got Hyundai's $500 Rebate but also no market adjustment (ranging from $3-7,000 for ALL the dealers closer to home). The whole experience was eerily pleasant and professional.

Funny Story: Our salesperson was delayed just a few minutes outside talking with a prospective customer at our appointment time. But about 15 minutes after sittting down to paperwork that person finished their test drive and came over to turn over the key. So I started jawing with him and turns out he's from the same area I live and he'd decided to drive the same 55 minutes my wife and I had chosen to for a chance at a better purchase. He and I apparently had similar experiences with the more local dealers and I told him I had not dealt with any of the other staff at this dealer except my salesperson we were both standing next to, but that it was a much better experience than any of the salespeople I had dealt with at the 5 other dealers closer to home. He left saying to the salesperson, "I'll look around and maybe decide next week." Well, a half hour later my wife and I wrapped up the loan and closing with Finance and as we're saying goodbye to the salesperson that fella comes back in and says, "I'll buy it." I counted that as a successful referral for the dealer and salesperson, and I asked what he got and he said it's a new blue Tucson for his wife. Small world.
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