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Chip shortage

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My Hybrid Tucson Limited has been at the Port of Philadelphia since the end of May. He needs a chip for one of the systems. Why doesn't Hyundai concentrate on getting cars to dealers that have already been on sale instead of coming out with a new model every 30 seconds. The Tucson is their bread and butter vehicle. However people are not going to wait forever. If they elect to buy something else, that buyer is lost for years and maybe forever. I am getting close to looking elsewhere. I have purchased 6 Hyundai s for myself and my family over the past 13 years. They are great cars, but there are limits to my loyalty. My dealer is getting the Santa Cruz pickup, while a proven good seller sits at a dock, waiting for a chip for over 2 months
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Randy, I can feel your pain, I will likely do the same! However, to be fair. Hyundai is actually selling more cars than ever (with the exception in July): Hyundai Sales Figures – US Market

So if you are them, you see sales that you might not be able to support, chip shortage or not.
S Korea makes their own chips. Japan doesn’t.
Who is "he"? What kind of a chip would the factory leave out of the car before they shipped it? Don't they leave the factory with all systems functional?
"he" is likely referring to the car

Many factories are pumping out undriveable cars due to the chip shortage. The thought is once the chips come in they will have a ton of inventory to quickly flip and install. Keeps people employed too that are hard to quickly hire when parts come in

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