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Consistently get 42+ mpg on Hybrid Blue

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Hello... my wife consistently got 42-45 mpg based on her trip meter on her hybrid blue (And bragged about it).

I on the other hand would get the standard 36-38. So we decided to investigate.

  • it turns out that she is at 50-60 mph on adaptive cruise and let's the cruise take over
  • the way she does it accelerates quickly to desired speed but just before hitting cruise, very very very gently taps the break and then hits the cruise set button. The speed drops by 1-2 mph.

This has almost always kicked the car in EV mode. The exception is if the car has a slope, ramp, hill or bridge to climb

So then I tried it today and got 39.4 mpg... so the trick works for sure.

A little bit about her commute and driving style
  • Florida weather... so never have the extreme cold others have to bear
  • about 25 miles one way almost entirely city driving but 3 long stretches with nearly no lights or synchronized lights
  • she is an easy driver... no road rage, does not need pole position at the light

The Tucson's adaptive cruise, stop and go, lane keep are like perfect for her and the mpg makes me happy.

We have had this car for less than a month but taking it for a nice road trip this Christmas.. so we will get to really bond with the car :)
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If you want to work at it, pulse & glide and other hypermiling techniques will stretch a gallon of gas pretty far. I'm too lazy to work at it but it's good to practice in case you're running low on fuel and might have to walk to get to the next station.
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