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Cool air through vents when off 2022 Tuc SEL

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There is still COOL air BLOWING through the vents even though NOTHING is on!
Anyone else experience this? I have to turn the temperature up to stop cool air from blowing in!! I don't want COOL air blowing on me in WINTER IN WISCONSIN!!! 馃槨
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Dual as in driver/passenger? If so, yes. I still don't understand why air is blowing through the vents when nothing is turned on.
Go to page 5-122 of your owners manual and read about the Auto Defogging System.
My Elantra had dual temperature controls so the driver and passenger could select their own temperature. The car would blow A/C air even if the A/C button was off. I disabled this function to stop that cold air from blowing out of the vents.
I live in Florida now so my A/C is always on in my Tucson.
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