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Coolant--Blue vs Pink

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In my 2022 Tucson hybrid, I've got pink coolant for engine coolant and blue coolant for the power electronics stack. I read in one of the Hyundai documents on the TechInfo website that the blue coolant is a special low-electrical-conductance coolant and is not interchangeable with the pink. However, I see youtube review videos of hybrid Tucsons in other countries (Canada recently) with pink coolant in the power electronics stack reservoir. Did Hyundai change their minds about the need for the special blue coolant? What color is the coolant in your PES reservoir?
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I have read many articles that say blue and pink are interchangeable and in the manual they don't show different specs. i think it is stupid to have a coolant the same color as most windshield washer fluid. This is an accident waiting to happen. I can just see some semi literate jiffy lube Tech topping off all "fluids" and not reading the label. Don't laugh. One of my favorite auto mechanic you tube channels shows him emptying a crankcase full of antifreeze. Prestone® Asian Vehicles (Blue) Antifreeze + Coolant - Prestone® Total Protection
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