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Couple questions, wondering if someone can help

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Good afternoon everyone, I have the 2022 Tucson Limited (gas) and had a couple questions that I cant seem to figure out, or if its possible...

1. Radio Presets. I listen to XM Radio and have allot of preset channels. It displays the XM Radio channel number but not the station name. Is it possible to change this to show the name?

2. When I walk up and touch the door handle to unlock the door, it unlocks the drivers door. Is there a way to have it unlock the rear doors too? Usually when I walk up to the suv my hands are full so I touch the handle to put everything in the back seat. Its kinda annoying to have to unlock the door, open the front door and unlock, then unlock the rear door (yea I know I could get my keyfob out too)

Many thanks!!
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2) There's unlock settings in the car. The menus look different depending on which trim you have...
Do a search for doors in the settings...or watch this video.

It might already be set to what you want, you just have to touch the door twice. I like it set that way cause its a pretty neat safety feature in case someone else tries to get in from the other side.
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