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Current wait times for hybrid

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I placed my order for a hybrid two months ago. Dealer is currently saying wait time from then looks to be 8-10 months. Is this consistent with what others are hearing?
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I started shopping for a Tucson HEV SEL-C in mid-February. In the metro Phoenix market we have no less than ten Hyundai dealers within a 100 miles plus another half dozen throughout the rest of the state, so after checking out each of the locals online, I called the ones that seemed like the most transparent and who didn't have (or advertise) market adjustments. I narrowed the list down to about five dealers and put my name on their list to call when they got their next allotment notices. I also went through Costco Auto Buying service, but that dealer was several thousand more than some of the other dealers.

On April 7 I got a call from one dealer that they had a car in the trim and color I wanted coming in their next allotment. NO market adjustment and were willing to negotiate a bit on dealer adds. I gave them a $1,000 refundable deposit to lock in the car, and looks to be delivered around May 31. Since then, I think every dealer in Phoenix has added market adjustments from $2,000 to $5,000, so consider myself lucky to get out with $1,600 in dealer adds.

The key takeaway here is that I didn't ORDER a car, I scoured the dealers until I found one with the car I wanted on their allotment list that hadn't already been pre-sold. Literally everything on dealer's web inventory is already sold. It's definitely a dog-fight out there and not the best time to be buying a car, but my 15 year-old Mazda was going to need new shoes and some other work and I needed a bigger vehicle anyway. I think I caught the tail end of the 2022 dealer allotments, and two months start to finish seems pretty decent given some of the stories I've read on these forums.

My biggest concern is that they try to add a market adjustment when I go to sign the papers. Fingers crossed. But that's what lawyers are for.
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Yup, hopefully is all ends well ( God, that sounds so clique ). I was worried too. Although my dealer showed best best as the MSRP, I worried the day I went in it would all change. Ours was like yours, a deposit to reserve a car from their allotment. All the other dealers were asking $3000 or more for whatever cars the had in stock. I even checked with dealers for Tucson’s cousin, the Sportage, and they were priced even worse. We’ll, the day came and my dealer went the Class route. Not one penny over sticker! We need more dealers like this!
That gives me some hope. I got a good vibe from the salesman I've been dealing with, and he was able to get their mandatory "lifetime window tint" upgraded to ceramic tint at my request, for an additional $100, which is about the normal difference for the higher end tint. In Arizona, tint is a big deal and the ceramic is far superior in heat rejection.
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Ceramic tint? Sounds weird to me. I just picture a bunch of white plates having from my windows. Kinda hard to see out🤪😜🥹!
LOL Regular tint darkens the windows and removes some UV, but does nothing to reduce heat transfer from outside. Ceramic filters out almost all UV, plus can reduce inside temps by up to 30%. That's a big deal in Phoenix, where outside temps regularly exceed 110 for 10-12 or more days a year. I've already noticed a difference compared to the regular tint I had on my Mazda. Interior does not get as hot when parked, cools down faster and I can raise the AC temp by a few degrees while still staying comfortable. For an extra $100 it's well worth it.
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