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Current wait times for hybrid

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I placed my order for a hybrid two months ago. Dealer is currently saying wait time from then looks to be 8-10 months. Is this consistent with what others are hearing?
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I chose not to do a factory order, but rather get in line @ a dealership for an allocation. I put a $500 deposit down on Aug. 12th and got a call today that my car is en route and should be delivered in 5-7 weeks.
Mine will be a 2022 Limited HEV. I am In Illinois. I had put the allocation deposit down for an SEL Convenience, but after about 5 weeks asked what would happen if I changed My mind to a limited. Dealer updated my allocation request (actually just putting my on the list for both SEL and Limited) and after another 1 week called me that they had an inbound Limited, so now just waiting for it to be delivered to the dealership.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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