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Current wait times for hybrid

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I placed my order for a hybrid two months ago. Dealer is currently saying wait time from then looks to be 8-10 months. Is this consistent with what others are hearing?
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That’s why we went for the 2.5.
In the same boat here. I'd love to get either the HEV or PHEV but local dealer telling me that it could go out as far as 12-18 months. A 2.5 in the exact trim (Limited) and color that we want is almost miraculously coming to the lot in supposedly the next few days. Almost 'meant to be' that we stopped in today. Haven't been there since doing some test driving last year. AND just yesterday our '97 Jeep Cherokee was diagnosed as needing a head gasket so....the pieces seem to have fell into place (?) Hard to refuse the quick availability of the gas model.
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