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Digital Speedometer dissapeared

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I have the hybrid blue and on the screen in the middle of the dashboard there used to be a digital speedometer and now when I cycle through the different options for that screen the one where that appeared just shows the illustration of my car with no speed above it. I still have the analog one, but I really liked the big number readout. Does anyone know what I accidentally changed and how to change it back?
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Make sure you are on the right screen. It is a little confusing. The screen that has the speedo has the fuel economy displays. If it is not there, the thing is malfunctioning. Bring it to the dealer asap.
Hit the button that is top left next to the horn. Looks like two stacked pages from a book. That will toggle you through the various menus. Then you can use the blade button to toggle up or down through the other options…
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