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Engine runs even when climate system off in EV mode

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Hi all. I have a 2022 Tucson PHEV Ultimate in Canada. I'm getting about 3.8 l/100 km which isn't bad considering it's winter. However, if I'm driving with the climate system on to heat the cabin and then shut it off, the engine continues to run. In my PHEV Ioniq, the engine shuts off when I turn off the climate system if I still have battery left. Anyone else experiencing this with their Tucson PHEV? Shouldn't the engine turn off if I'm in EV or Auto driving mode?
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Well, yes. The ICE should be off since it's only required to heat the cabin while the car is only on EV mode. However, it will keep running depending your acceleration / driving behavior. What I have read is that if the car is running over a certain speed / RPM it requires the ICE to be on.

Could you please share, if the engine keeps running even when you are accelerating slowly and the speed is below 50-60 KMH while the climate is off.

I picked up my PHEV last Friday here in Montreal Qc. I noticed that the engine does run minutes after the climate is turned off. Today I left work on EV mode (fully charged) no heating. I drove maybe 4-5km to the highway at which point I turned on heating for few minutes (19c). I turned it back off once I was on the highway (cabin was warm enough for me) but it still ran a solid 10 more mins before shutting off. It isn’t speed related because my commute still had another 15 mins of highway driving left and it stayed in EV until I got home (28km commute).
Bottom line, I noticed the moment the ICE kicks in even when it’s not required such as heating it’ll still run for several minutes or more. I think it’s maybe just continuing to put some charge back in the battery at that point.
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