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Good dealership around Atlanta suggesting at MSRP for tucson?

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HI, I am looking for SEL Tucson and looking for a dealer who can get me that one at MSRP.
I arrived in the states only three months ago and really need a car as soon as possbile.
Could anyone recommend me a good dealer or broker in the Atlanta area?
Thanks a lot!
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I think you only have 1 choice in Atlanta. You'll just have to make some calls to see what they're selling them for. You might try the Florida dealers too. We were taken care of well up at Myrtle Beach Hyundai when we bought ours from them in November at MSRP. They were about to add a markup from then on, so not sure what they're doing price-wise now.

The name of the game the last few months is not to find a "good" dealer, but one that can get you a car, unfortunately.
Go to Greenville SC. Dick Smith Hyundai. Just bought one this week. Had to order it. Paid MRSP. Ask for Todd. Easiest car purchase I’ve ever had. Not bullying by the finance guy either
5 Star Hyundai of Macon sells close to MSRP. Call Amanda
I ended up at Tuscaloosa Hyundai.. Straight MSRP... Talk to Michael...
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