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Got To Drive A Honda HRV from Orlando, FL to Chicago, IL

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I had the opportunity to drive a Honda HRV from Florida to Illinois. The HRV was on my shopping list when I was looking for a new vehicle.

I know Hondas are built well, but I am so glad I chose the Tucson Hybrid.

The noise level alone made me cringe while driving on the turnpike. The vibration transferred into the seats was unpleasant 20 hours later.
The torque and acceleration in the Tucson is much better (the 6 speed transmission instead of a CVT is most likely why)
The electronics (lane assist and adaptive cruise control) did not function as well in the HRV.
The milage on the HRV was around 28.2 mpg.

If you've wondered if you have made the right choice of a Tucson over an HRV ..... You made the right choice.

More impressed than I was (and that's saying a lot) .... I hope you all are having a good experience too!
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I can echo your comments as we drove CRV hybrid and the Rav4 hybrid before buying. I really dislike the CVT transmissions in those cars and are really glad we chose what we did. Interestingly, the Ford Escape hybrid was more of a contender due to comfort and noise, though it didn't have the pickup or styling that the Tucson has. Tucson was also quieter. Good that you had the opportunity to rent the CRV for long drive comparison. The little dislikes you find on a road test often add up to major issues on a trip.
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My previous car was an HRV...I loved that car even though it had many faults...but way happier in my Tucson PHEV now.
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