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Hello Everybody ..what do you think ...should i buy it or not ..??

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Hey Peps i finally found a 2020 Tucson N Line with manual tranmission ..130 hp Diesel
The dealership told me to stay away from the auto /mild hybrid versions because of problems
i dont know the details on that matter other than its related to 2019 2020 models..
so i have this on offer for a great price ..but i wanted to check whit you people if its good or not ..
the only visible thing that worries me a but are the front disks ..they look a bit worn or is it me .
but just wanted to know if i should stay away from it or go with it ..and what to be aware of if any ??

it has 73.000 kilometers on it ...thanks peps.

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This forum is dedicated to 2022+

Your friends can be found here if you're looking for 2020. It's a totally different car than the users here have.
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