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HEV/PHEV Driving observations - post here!

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Hey guys, figured maybe i'll create a new thread on this so owners can collect tips and driving observations

couple things from a few recent drives
Season: Winter
Temps: -5 degrees celcius
City/Hwy: City
Avg speed = 60-70km/h
Length of drive: 22mins
L/100km = 7.3

When driving i notice i release the acceleration pedal after I reach cruising speed and this causes the ECO meter to swing back to full eco mode, engages EV, and i can maintain cruising speed in ECO on EV until there is a need for acceleration or a steep grade.
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another thing when getting to my destination at the end of 22 mins was:

the ICE was cold. The upper rad hose was still cold which means the thermostat hadn't opened yet.
I put my hands all over the top of the engine under the decorative cover and it was still cold. The ONLY hot spot was the exhaust manifold, which is a good sign as most of the heat is contained to where it needs to be, a nice warm exhaust for 1. efficiency, 2. turbo gasses move faster when hot, and 3. getting the emissions system up to temp.

The ICE was pretty smooth but I am going to make sure i get this HEV out to a highway cruise in Sport mode and try to get the ICE hot probably 1x a month or so. The HEV savings isn't great on highway anyway..

I can see why the ICE cycles so much in cold if it keeps delaying its time up to operating temp...

Hoping to see an improvement once temps warm up.

BTW the 9.2L/100km on this tank has been pretty much limited to driving at -12+ temps..
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Can't trust the car to math... it's pretty good at fudging out the idling times to improve your display numbers

Real world users here:
interestingly.. i don't really see how idling times would impact this as every time i wasn't accelerating, the engine would not be running and the car was on battery only.
Had my first real drive today other than the short drive home from the dealership. Everything seemed as advertised. It switched seamlessly between ICE and EV. it charged while costing and braking. I don't think the ride is as smooth as my Caddy sedan but it is also rough winter roads right now. On a smoother stretch the ride was fine. The seats are very comfortable.
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Two more thoughts: my journey took me to an unplowed dead-end street. Compared to a sedan this felt like a tank confidently taking on the snow, so no worries about that. No snow tires either! Question: because I had spent time "idling" on battery while I played with all the settings it was at about half charge when I set out. 20 km later it was about the same when I got home. For those who did the same, did it ever come back closer to full change? Will it need a jaunt on the highway or will a mix of normal driving do it? I would just prefer to see it at a higher level before setting out.
Any time you want to boost your battery, just pop it into "Sport" mode for a minute or two. Heat/ a/c off helps too.
interestingly.. i don't really see how idling times would impact this as every time i wasn't accelerating, the engine would not be running and the car was on battery only.
Whenever you are idling, you are using gas, and that spent fuel is part of the fuel economy calculation. For example, say you warm up the car in cold weather for 10 minutes, then drive for 10 minutes to your destination. More than 50% of that trip will be with the ICE running, especially if you accelerate enough to force an engine start, and will make a big difference in that trip calculation.
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