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'Hood Deflector' 'Hood Guard'

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There are a couple other threads on the general theme, but they dwell on different products like a bra. However, a recent thread on running boards (side steps) references this:
Red Logo Hood Deflector
Automotive parking light Car Grille Automotive lighting Automotive tire

There's no return for that part no. either with general search or directly with Hyundai Parts for U.S. But I did notice that poster is from Canada so I think I found the listing on the site even if no direct reference to confirm the part no. or a direct means of purchasing:

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting

Now, I did find one aftermarket deflector from a popular online source, but with a couple indications it's a different manufacturer - top lip, slightly different shaped scrivet heads, and maybe even a different anchoring detail?......

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Car Vehicle

Rim Material property Outdoor shoe Office supplies Tints and shades

Rectangle Sewing machine needle Sewing machine feet Household appliance accessory Wood

Bottomline, the price is cheaper, but not a priority for decision-making. The reference to '2021-2022' fitment is of interest (concern) as I can't imagine the hoods are the same after the all-new design of the '22. And I'd like to see the anchoring method of the 'Genuine Hyundai' unit if it's more robust.

Has anyone up yonder north tracked this down as of yet?
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Ah-so, good catch. And yes had heard the all-new design had been rolled out a year earlier overseas. And of course more fitting if the manufacturer is from those regions as well. I've wondered if that's a lot of the reason there have been so few of the 'normally anticipated' first year model re-design 'glitches', TSBes and outright failures of the Tucson here stateside. At least for the plain gasser ICEes.

And appreciate the reply. I'm still hoping for someone better able to access the straight dope better than I am able to here south of the border.
That close up photo isn't even a NX4 Tucson and the other photos don't match.

I wouldn't order from the lay site that can't even get the photos of the product there're selling correct.
The first pic, the next two showing the red car, plus that part no., are all taken from the Canadian Hyundai Accessories online store. The second listing (with white car) is an Amazon/Alibaba type aftermarket I found lacking in several regards, and therefore NOPE.
One guy north of the border who bought and reviewed his sorta offered to do a group purchase if us southerners were interested, but nothing more since. And I haven't noticed anyone finding a reliable/painless way of ordering the CA market stuff stateside, including the hood protector.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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