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How to turn off the door unlock and lock beep sound on Tucson 2022?

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Hi All,

We wish to turn off the beep or chime sound that chirps loudly when unlocking and locking the car. We couldn't find anything in the manual or on YouTube that was current. I think the earlier models allow you to turn off the sound with the FOB, but that doesn't work on 2022.
I texted my sales person who said, the dealership did not know how either. Has anyone be able to turn off the sound?
The model is the PHEV SEL, but I suspect the sound is the same on all models? Thanks.
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Not that I've found, but it's probably a little speaker somewhere you could disconnect

I don't mind the beep compared to a horn honk personally

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Thanks for replying. Also wondering if it is not a physical speaker but instead a computer generated sound as I could not locate a speaker under the hood. The sound seems like it comes from drivers area. I have never liked the unlock and lock horn sounds as they draw attention in quiet situations. I will update if Hyundai answers this question.

On another sound topic, the PHEV REVERSE artificial sound, we followed someones post and suggestion to cover that reverse speaker located in the front grill drivers side with a piece of
"Foam Sheets Self Adhesive Closed Cell Foam Neoprene Rubber Sheets Insulation Anti Vibration Foam Rubber Pads with Adhesive, Black (6" x 6" x 1/2", 8Pcs)" from Amazon. We used 2 of the pieces and it dropped the noise maybe 50% which is still loud enough to be safe for EV mode or PHEV. Supposedly the sound is quieter in Canada than the USA.
I am looking for a way to turn on the horn, to sound when I lock my doors using the remote key fob. I get the beep but I want it to honk the horn as well or instead of the beep. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?
I've seen many requests for that feature, but no solutions. In the "old days" you could find the relay for that function and tie into it, but it's often done by a central computer with integrated signals that is hard to tap into.

Maybe if you can find the device that chirps you could put a relay on that to hit the horn? I don't believe there is a solution not involving adding wiring to expensive and fragile systems though.
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