The Tucson was given a perfect car score by for car seat safety.

A Grade
  • Latch: The two sets of anchors peek out from the seat bight, where the back and bottom cushions meet; they’re easy to use. Three top tether anchors sit on the seatback; they’re clearly marked and have good clearance around the anchors for quick connection.
  • Infant seat: Our rear-facing infant seat was easy to install, and a 5-foot-6-inch front passenger had ample legroom with the seat installed behind them.
  • Rear-facing convertible: As with the infant, this seat was easy to install, and the front passenger was comfortable.
  • Forward-facing convertible: After raising the head restraint, the seat fit well, and we had no issues connecting to the lower anchors or top tether anchor.
  • Booster: After removing the head restraint to situate the booster flush against the seatback, the booster fit well. The outboard buckles have short but stable stalks, which should be easy for kids to use independently. The inboard buckle is floppy, however.
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