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I think this would make a great video on YouTube, but I don’t know if I am motivated to do it. My OCD has pushed me to figure this stuff out on my own, but it’s pretty interesting the way the trim levels in hybrid versus non-hybrid compare.

At this point I could write a book on it, but I’m wondering if somebody already has? Is there a really good video or webpage that breaks this down in detail?

As an example… it’s funny that if you DON’T want a hybrid, and you want a Pano roof, it’s Limited only, but if you DO want a hybrid… than an SEL Convenience also includes the Pano.

Conversely, let’s say leather seats are your must-have. Well, if you want a hybrid, you’re getting a Limited, period.

It’s funny how these little give-and-take features jump back and forth on hybrid vs ICE… on everything but the top, or Limited, trim.

I wonder how many shoppers ever discover this before buying a particular model(?)

I consider the hybrid itself to be an option, and I think for some people, the other priorities they may have in options also determine whether or not they should go hybrid… or not.

I also discovered that while the smaller radio/screen is wireless (which is odd in comparison to the upgraded radio and screen, which is not wireless)… the bigger screen is as snappy as an iPad… ZERO delay and smooth as silk, while the smaller radio has noticeable lag. While this isn’t a deal-breaker IMO… it’s a fact.

I could go on about these differences for an hour… it’s funny, the give and take of hidden details through the trims.
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