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Tucson HEV Exellence 2WD 230cv, Polar white, Lounge + Deluxe Packs (European version)
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My name is Franco and I'm from Italy.
I'm a Hyundai Tucson driver since 2010.
At present I'm waiting for the arrival of my New Tucson full hybrid (european version), NX4, 230cv, 2wd, full optionals, polar white. I placed the P/O on April 2021 and the car should be in my hands beginning of October (finally!)
Some characteristics of the New Tucson 2022 sold in Italy are are different from those sold in the USA,
but I find very interesting to compare these models and to give a look to what is happening with Hyundai cars outside Italy.
I'm member of Hyundai Club Italia and if you want to give a look to our forum we are here:

Thanks for accepting me in this forum and please excuse me in advance for my english and possible mistakes.

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