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Lists of all Hyundai dealers in states where PHEV's are being sold

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Many of us are wandering in the wilderness of the 11 states where Tucson PHEV's are sold, trying to find a particular trim, color, etc. There is some question about the timeliness and accuracy of the inventory on the HyundaiUSA web site. SeattleGrey took the approach of creating a list of Hyundai dealers in target areas and contacting them directly to let them know what they were looking for. That got me to thinking, and I was able to find two web sites that list all Hyundai dealers in the country and by state.

DealerRater (Tip: Use the drop-down for the state name. Keying in the state name doesn't work.)

ScrapeHero (All U.S. Hyundai dealers in spreadsheet format. $80)

For convenience, here are the states where Hyundai is selling PHEV's: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont
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