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Looking at a Tucson to replace an Audi A6 TDI? MPG and snow performance

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I am a long term Audi fan but now interested in the Tucson. WHY? I drove an Ionic recently and found the lane keep assist, auto cruise worked better than any other German car I have tested (Use these features on my 8 hour highway drives). Hopefully the camera technology in the Tucson is exactly the same as Ionic since it worked amazing compared to Audi that drifts to the edge and then bounces you back. HEY, the question is snow performance and MPG on the Hybrid. My Audi TDI nabs 32-36 on the highway at 75 MPH. Would I easily pull those numbers on the hybrid Tucson? Looking at it seems to be similar to what I get now. Any snow issues? Can you turn off traction control easily without a menu as that is the best way to drive up hills.
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Hey there.

With the Tucson Hybrid you should get similar numbers on the highway.

I believe there is a button for the traction control on the center stack. There is a button to lock the differential as well.

Have not had the opportunity to test it in snow yet. So no comment on that item. It handles major rain events really well. It does have a “snow” mode in the driving selector. Have not read up on it to know what it does.

The Lane keep function is very good. Need to make sure the camera in the front grill is clean. It collects road dust and salt.

Good luck with your decision and finding one…
At 75 mph you will never get 30mpg. Should be around 25. Around 55mph you can expect 35mpg on highway.
In cities, in summer you can expect 32 mpg.
I am at 1700 miles, and am getting these figures.
Dont buy this car if you are looking at linger drives only. But if you want city mileage 80 % of time, you can buy this. Its more silent than any of the Toyota suvs.
I have ~9,200 miles on my Tucson Hybrid. At highway speeds I get less than the advertised mileage but not 30 MPG.

I have a computer indicated 37.2 MPG average and most of those miles have been highway. Granted real world vs computer indicated varies ~1-2 MPG.

Driver differences may return different results.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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