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Looking at a Tucson to replace an Audi A6 TDI? MPG and snow performance

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I am a long term Audi fan but now interested in the Tucson. WHY? I drove an Ionic recently and found the lane keep assist, auto cruise worked better than any other German car I have tested (Use these features on my 8 hour highway drives). Hopefully the camera technology in the Tucson is exactly the same as Ionic since it worked amazing compared to Audi that drifts to the edge and then bounces you back. HEY, the question is snow performance and MPG on the Hybrid. My Audi TDI nabs 32-36 on the highway at 75 MPH. Would I easily pull those numbers on the hybrid Tucson? Looking at it seems to be similar to what I get now. Any snow issues? Can you turn off traction control easily without a menu as that is the best way to drive up hills.
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As ses310 points out, the button to kill TC is near your left knee on the dash. One push to disable TC; a long push to disable ESC and TC. As far as snow performance, I can report that the OEM rubber is awful--at least for the Nexen Roadians. They are good tires in other respects but not on snow or ice. Here's a guy with a mild hybrid Tucson that seems to be moving pretty well with Nokian WR SUV tires:
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