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New member from Texas. 2022 Hybrid SEL owner

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Last weekend I decided to pull the trigger on getting a hybrid since most of my driving is lots of stop and go in town. I spent a lot of time online trying to find an suv that's all wheel drive, hybrid and cost less than the truck I traded it in for(I didnt want payments). The only vehicle I could find locally in my price range was the tucson hybrid SEL and I must say I have no regrets thus far! So now I'm the proud owner of a 2022 hybrid SEL. Black on black baby!!

I've already started modifying it to my liking. I have a couple of subwoofers in the back that I managed to get working using a line out converter, and window tint. 25% front and 20% over the smoked glass in the rear.

I must say I had no idea you could get all the features this thing has for under 35k bucks.
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