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New owner of a 2022 Tucson Hybrid Limited

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My name is Larry and last week I got my new 2022 Tucson Hybrid Limited in Phantom Black. I still have my previous ride, a Hyundai Equus, but the Tucson should fill a void in now having a car that gives me some extra mobility with the added cargo space.
I have enjoyed the car so far asI figure out all of the odds and ends. I also thought the car came with a digital key card and as an Apple user I knew that the phone itself can't be used to open the car unless you have the My Hyundai app. It is nice to use the Apple Watch app to play with the car s well.
I do find the backup beeping annoying but it is my understanding that it is required as of last year so that you can annoy your neighbors. Im sure there is a more useful aspect to it. I can't get radar weather but the question has been asked and answered here in the forum. I find the daylight pictures from the onboard camera are incredible but the night time quality make them useless. A call to the dealership has not resulted in an answer about the quality. My headlights are a bit weird and that may just me getting use to a newer style.
Im a gadget guy and this car is loaded and it has been fun to discover them.
Thanks to Wayne Lewis at First Team Hyundai in Roanoke Va. for knowing his products and sending my out of the showroom knowing I bought a terrific car.
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My god, how did you ever get a Limited Hybrid in VA. I have been waiting since March 26t here in Williamsburg VA
My god, how did you ever get a Limited Hybrid in VA. I have been waiting since March 26t here in Williamsburg VA
The dealer in Waynesboro implied that I would have a long wait, but that night I went on First Team Hyundai in Roanoke and their website showed one pending. I emailed them in the morning, it was ready for sale and I was there I two hours and drove home that afternoon. My other car is a 2014 Hyundai Equus and my wife hates driving it because it has too many gadgets and is huge but he kindly drove it home while I had the Tucson to myself.
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