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new Tucson failed during delivery

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I just purchased a newly arrived Tucson SEL (IEV). Today PDI finished. While en route of delivery to me the vehicle experienced a mechanical failure and had to be towed back to dealership. This doesn't give me much confidence on the vehicle or the dealership...

What would you suggest at this point? My state lemon law doesn't give me the option to reject the vehicle outright.
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you have 3 days to change you mind move to a different car on the lot it on the hyundai usa website
Under the 3 Day Worry-Free Exchange, a customer who purchases or leases a new Hyundai vehicle from a participating dealer may return the Hyundai vehicle for any reason to exchange it for another new Hyundai vehicle, provided that: 1) the Hyundai vehicle is returned to the dealership where the vehicle was purchased or leased within three (3) days from the date of purchase/lease (with the three-day period being extended by one day if the final day of the three-day period falls when the dealership is closed); 2) the returned vehicle is in “like new” condition (e.g., the automobile has not been in an accident and is free from modifications, dents, scratches, tears, breaks, cracks, stains, etc.) as determined by the dealer in its discretion; 3) the customer has driven the returned vehicle less than 300 miles from the date of purchase/lease; and 4) the returned vehicle is free from any outside lien. If the returned vehicle meets all of these requirements, the customer may exchange it for another new Hyundai vehicle, subject to the mutual agreement of the customer and dealer on the terms of the new vehicle purchase or lease. Additional costs may apply to exchanges for a vehicle of greater value. See participating Hyundai dealers or for details.

This is from hyundai usa site
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