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Wanted to share the first day experience. New cars today can be overwhelming so I figured I’d share all the things I learned on day 1.

1. You need to double click lock button first to remote start. Duh.
2. Surprised to find that the vehicle came with both all weather and standard floor liners. Cargo net included as well…heard some were missing theirs.
I can’t imagine I would ever use this net; it already has a privacy cover for the trunk.
3. I sprang for Hyundai hitch. Was pleasantly surprised it was a 2” receiver as I expected 1.25 and there seems to be more out there for the larger size + they have greater weight capacity for accessories.
3.Apparently in Canada, Bluelink is only attached to one account/driver. No problem, I set up the same account on both our devices. The tech is not always accurate with charging info.
4. EV driving in the city is legit even w/AC in city I didn’t notice the ICE at all.
5. Don’t know if i’ll ever get used to push button transmission.
6. So few of these coming in, sales guy barely knew how to show me the features. They can’t keep PHEVs on lot, hence the challenge learning some features.
7. don’t know why people complain about the sunglasses case when there is a deep cargo bin right behind the transmission box. It even fits my bulky shell case. It’s not like I’m keeping CDs in there. Speaking of which…8. I’m over 40 and I might miss my disc player I don’t always want to plug my phone in for Spotify. starting to imagine a scenario where I load a bunch of music to a USB, but that would mean finding my audio files sitting in some hard drive in storage…Spotify wins.

Overall, all love right now. Super impressed with lane assist, and other modern features, comfort of the car. Can’t wait to really get into driving it and figure out the tech.
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