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Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Notes - Any Additional Suggestions?

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These are the requested PDI elements that I sent to the out-of-state dealer for my Tucson PHEV. Some are probably standard, but paranoia is good. Is there anything else anybody would suggest?
  • Please check oil pan for leaks. (There may be a TSB on this. There have been lots of reports in various Hyundai online forums, including videos from Hyundai dealer mechanics, of oil leaks around the pan on the 1.6 turbo because the factory doesn’t put on enough sealant (there is no gasket). This usually is discovered at the first oil change, but since it is a known problem it would be prudent to check during the PDI.)
  • Confirm all firmware is up to date and flash upgrade as necessary.
  • Check all Technical Service Bulletins and recall campaigns (if any).
  • The front license plate bracket is not needed. North Carolina only uses the rear license plate.
  • Please do not put any dealer advertising on the car (decal, emblem, etc.) The car is heading to North Carolina, so there really isn’t much point, anyway. A license plate frame would be fine if you want a couple days of local advertising.
  • Check tire pressure, reset TPMS if necessary.
  • If possible, please put a full charge on the battery so that I can fully check out EV mode during the “shakedown.”
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