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i’m seeking for ideas what is going on with my -21 phev while pulling a trailer (ca. 500 kg total) with hybrid mode and battery with no power anymore.
the symptoms are as follows: everything goes nicely when there still is juice in battery, gear stays on 6 or 5 depending on highway profile In moderate 90 km/h speed. But after the battery being used gear will start jumping to 4. Gear and stays there and will not change on bigger gears no mather of the profile on highway. When i force the gear with stearinwheel pedals to 5 or 6, it blings and changes back to 4th or even to 3rd gear and all this inspeed of 90 - 100 km/h. When this starts any addition of speed won’t change the gear up Or down. Then it starts to change shifting between EV and engine constantly and still keeping the 4th gear on.
I have a very good video about this but it seems I can not add it hear.
The car dealer admits this is not normal but the licenced Hyundai garage claims it would be only a feature.
Any ideas what could be wrong
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