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I love my new Tucson, but I am not in love with the all touch screen interface on the Limited Trim. I knew this when I bought it, hard to find a You Tube review of the car that does not point this out. There are volume wheels on the lower trim models that are better than the touch screen, but still not as good as a simple volume knob. Likewise the steering wheel controls are nice, but on my other cars, I am always reaching for the volume knob not the steering wheel. If anyone every figures out how to add one, I would love to hear about it.

As improvement #1, I stuck little clear rubber bumpers on the Volume Up and Down buttons. These are the kind you used for cabinet doors or to put behind a picture so it does not swing and scratch the wall. I liked the bumpers on the radio knobs a lot, because now I can just reach down and feel where the volume knobs are instead of having to look. Update #2 was adding it to the Seek/Track buttons. It causes no issue with the function of the volume and Seek/Track controls. At night, I can barely see that they are there. I used a flat bumper for the "VOL-" and "<SEEK" button and a round one for "VOL+" and "TRACK>". They make fancy ones for visually impaired people to use on stuff like Microwaves, but the basic one worked fine.

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I bought the "Clear Adhesive Bumper Pads 106-PC Combo Pack" made by GorillaGrit from Amazon.

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