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2022 Tucson HEV Ultimate; White/Grey
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I've seen this conversion mentioned in some other posts. If somebody could post link(s) to the product(s) I would be grateful.
For my fellow Canadians, here are links to what I decided to buy on (each item is a 2-pak) ... feel free to decide on another product or source (I receive no compensation whatsoever).
If you should receive a message on either product warning you it doesn't fit your 2022 Tucson, ignore it ... I can verify it works perfectly!

To install, look underneath the vehicle ... at the rear on the driver's side, you'll see this (n.b. next 3 pics, credit to users johudso7 & Dekero from another forum):
Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive lighting Trunk

The white housing at the left of the pic is the reverse bulb, while the brownish one to its right is the signal bulb. As is typical, you need to twist the housing counter-clockwise (about a half turn) to loosen it and allow the housing to pull straight out to access/change the bulb.
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive fuel system Automotive exterior Electrical wiring

WARNING ... you need really small hands and strong fingers to fit into these tight spaces and get enough leverage to twist the bulb housings loose, then to tighten them again after you change each bulb! One owner reported using a 14mm socket instead to loosen the bulb housing. If you have large hands, you might consider this or perhaps arranging assistance from someone else who's suited to the task.

The passenger side rear is, as you might expect, the mirror image, but is protected by a plastic cover, held on by two plastic hex-head screws and two fasteners:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire

For anyone not familiar with the fasteners holding the plastic cover at the right-rear (above pic shows the nearer one partially pulled out), they look like this when inserted (the splayed out bottom holds the cover onto vehicle):
Finger Household hardware Tool Car alarm Thumb
You need to insert a trim tool, or a staple remover tool like this:
Microphone Audio equipment Font Office supplies Electric blue

to pull the centre pin out, separating it from its collar (which when inserted, looks like a washer), so it looks like this when released:
Finger Thumb Nail Auto part Metal
Then the entire 2-piece fastener will pop out. When done, simply re-insert the fastener (in its released state as shown immediately above) and push in firmly.

Lastly, if you find any of this useful, please give me a "thumbs up"! :D


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Thanks for the extremely detailed response. (And I even have a trim tool.)

Some of the reviews for the turn signal bulbs mention them being extremely bright, and possibly too bright for drivers behind you. What is your opinion?

(Just from the pictures...........i.e. no reality looks like a piece of PVC pipe with a slot cut into the end might be useful for twisting the sockets off and back on.)
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