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Does anyone have any experience with a dash cam like this? -> Rexing M1 HD Dual Channel Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 1296p + 720p – Rexing USA

Never had anything like this before in any of my cars.
I have one in my Honda Element. I paid about 80 bucks for it on Amazon. The brand was VTIN (Chinese). It is 10 inches and the video quality is better than the rear camera that comes with the car 1080p front and rear. It records front and rear views and audio. and you can split the screen. I actually like the rear camera on the mirror better, it is more natural to look up to the mirror rather than down at the dash. The hardest part is the rear camera install because you have to run a wire. Most SUVs need the camera mounted into the hatch, which makes it a little tricky but there are models that have wireless rear cameras that just need a power source that you wire into the backup light circuit. Also, a 12 inch camera will interfere in the function of your sun visors. I even have a little trouble with the 10 inch. I highly recommend it. This is the exact camera I have.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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