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Second time the car is showing alerts for the collision sensors

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Back in early March, I had a weird situation where I started my car and every collision sensor was showing an alarm on the cluster. I restarted the car, which didn't make it go away, but the moment I shifted into D, they all disappeared.

At the time, they were accompanied by the following DTCs: C164286 and C120702. The DTCs were closed a short time later.

Today, I get into my car, and lo and behold:

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All the alerts come back. These were accompanied by the following DTCs in Bluelink: C164286 and C121002.

Again, I put the car in D and they all go away. I have a service appointment scheduled for next week, but I have really had nothing but bad experiences at multiple dealers near me being really unhelpful and I suspect I'm going to get a run-around.

Anyone have experience with this issue?
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First guess is a loose connection. Second guess a bad CAN. (Controller Area Network) that processes the messages to the ECU.
All of course guesses, has to be diagnosed by the service department.

Wheel Speed Sensor C121002
Traction Control C120702.
Abnormal signal from IBS (Integrated Brake System) C164286
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That is a great start, thanks. I’m going to report back when service has looked at it.
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