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I'm a relative newcomer to this group, having taken delivery of this my first Hyundai/Tucson, only in late August. Even so, I've noticed frequently one member asking another for the model or trim of their vehicle. This makes sense since quite often, comments and discussions may only apply to a specific model or trim.

In the spirit of making things quicker/easier for everyone, would it make sense for each of us to enter our own vehicle information? I realize a few members (including myself) have already done this, but this suggestion is intended for those who haven't.

If you think this is a good idea, here are the steps to identify your particular vehicle (using a browser on a computer - from a phone/tablet, things may be different):
1. While logged into the forum, on the page header near the top right of the browser window (just left of the 3 vertical dots), click on your avatar (the square user icon which shows the 1st character of your user name or your custom uploaded pic) to display a drop-down menu
2. From this menu, choose "Account Settings"
3. On the updated page, scroll down to "Enter vehicle year, make, and model..." to enter your information
4. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of that page
5. Optional - to edit/restrict who has access to this information, return to that same page and click the "privacy settings" link below the data entry field

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