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For those who maybe interested. Found at Hyundai website ( see it here Notice | Official Hyundai Motors Navigation Update Website ) about latest software update ( link lists all new features/updates in this latest update release) and went ahead - downloaded software, transferred to USB drive and updated my car from version V006 (as of June 21, 2021 ) to version V007 ( as of November 30, 2021)
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Entire process ( in car upgrade) took approx. 35 minutes. It went through the following steps: "Preparing,updating the map, updating the system, updating GPS, updating Modem, updating uCom, system restart, again updating, restoring data, one more restart". Honestly, I didn't notice any differences ( all my previously configured profile/settings stayed as they were prior to this update - considering that I saw step "restoring data", I would assume that in step "Preparing" - data was actually backup, even it didn't say so). I do not use Bluelink service ( cancelled it the very next day I purchased Tucson, I explained my reason in the post here Odometer reading problem? ) - thus, I don't know if for those who do use BlueLink - they may have different results.
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