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Hello everyone,

Tucson is about to be launched in India. However, even in top end model, only option provided for headlights is LED MFR. In some countries, I see that Projector LED is provided in top variant.

I'm looking for guidance on following:
  • How powerful in MFR LED Headlights in night?
  • Is there a big difference in Projector v/s MFR LED if someone has seen both side by side?

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Never side by side in person, but in theory the projected beam is further and wider on the projector LED.

Not enough to make a difference IMO.

I can say that the driver side projectors have a blind spot built in for the driver.

Hyundai claims, along with others, it's a "feature" to help stop blinding oncoming drivers.

It's distracting for the driver and leave a pronounced dark spot on the road towards the left of view of left hand drive Tucsons.

The reflectors may or may not have this "feature" so pronounced.
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