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Tucson Luxury 2.4L AWD 2020 Gemstone Red - Fuel consumption / Infotainment update

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Hi I got a Tucson Luxury 2.4L AWD 2020 Gemstone Red and I'd like to know if someone has found a way to better deal with the high fuel consumption? In my case, I get like 12 L/100Kms in summer and 14 L/Kms in winter.
Have you used fuel injectors cleaners? Installed mods? I'd like ideas.

The only times I have gotten like 7 L/100Kms has been in long highways trips. But for regular city usage those are my numbers.

Something else, I'd like to know if some of you have tried to replace the outdated infotainment system?. I tried to update it because I saw for my model there was an update in USA, but it's not available for Canada... I tempted for those chinese android units (I've installed them in my previous Accent with no much problems), but I don't know if the 360 surround view would still work after the upgrade?
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This is a forum for only the NX4 Tucsons (2022+) so you may not get much of an answer here.

Tucson Forums this might be a better location to ask

If it's similar to my NX4, this engine sucks fuel like it's free when the engine is cold. If I fully warm it up on a cold day (10 minute drive), then turn it off and start a new trip I get much better mileage on that second portion. I don't think there is much you can do, all cars do this to some degree, maybe a block heater to get it warmer to start?

My experience with Honda cameras and aftermarket radios is it can be done...but needs to be supported by the seller. Daisata for example made a radio just for my Honda that supported the side view camera, but Kenwood units did not. You may have to do some research on ebay or Aliexpress
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