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Just picked up my Tucson PHEV for 2 weeks and the car was having issue of check engine light on.

Dealership service department did the diagnostics and found these history code:

P0D5912 - Proximity Detection Circuit HighT Active COD
P045600 - Evaporative Emission System-Leak (Very small Leak)

The delivery of my car had already been delayed for a month because of this Error code P0D5912. The same dealership service department has spent 5 weeks on my car without knowing how to solve the issue. They did replace the charging port at one time hoping to solve the issue. They also mentioned at one time to replace the OBC unit but then afterward, they claimed replacing the charging port was the right approach.

Talked to Hyundai Canada yesterday and they asked me to bring the car to another dealership instead.

Really concern of Hyundai quality control and their experience of dealing with electrical related problem!
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