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Discovered this Forum after searching for a way to reduce the VESS backup sound noise. Not sure exactly what, if anything, I'll do about that, but either way I'm glad to have found a place to chat with fellow Tucson owners. Now I can stop boring my partner and family with my incessant desire to talk about my Tucson, and just post here instead! lol!

Just got my silver Tucson PHEV SEL at the end of June, after leasing an (orange) Subaru Crosstrek for three years. Drove a 2006 Sonata (which my friend is still driving) for 12 years prior to that.

So far, I'm incredibly pleased with the vehicle. We've already taken it camping/kayaking, etc. multiple times and it's been a total pleasure. I'm grateful for the SEL trim, it might not have allll the bells and whistles like the Limited, but it let someone like me get a still-great PHEV at a manageable price.

Cheers, Tucson owners!

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