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Tucson Shopping? Get a Free Price Quote

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If you're visiting this section of the site you're probably shopping for a Tucson. Or at least considering one.

Thanks to our partners at AutoGuide you can get a Free Price Quote here.

Just click the link, fill out your info and a local dealership will reach out to try and earn your business!
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It would appear the AutoGuide approach nets the same result as going directly through the Hyundai website to gather info and 'Build Your Tucson'. It assigned me the geographically closest dealer, which in turn bombarded my email with generic, vague and often-contradictory messages. And worse, from different people who would refer to prior messages that they had never even sent. A 'general sales manager' even sent a message requesting my feedback on his quote, where in fact none had even been received. And there were no fewer than 3 salespersons emailing to offer their help, and in each instance I had to inform them I had already been in discussion with another. I finally set up a filter to 'Delete It' for any email from that particular dealer.

I don't buy enough cars new to be in any dealer's sweet spot, but just a heads-up that current conditions seems to be bringing out, not necessarily the worst, but certainly the most desperate, inconsiderate, addle-brained and counter-productive communications and intentions in that industry.

I put up with calls to 4 area dealers, and a meeting with two, before hitting the sixth who spoke coherently and factually enough to pass muster. My wife and I made an appointment to meet that salesperson and placed an order 45 minutes later. Reportedly the dealer charges NO 'Current Market Pricing', NO 'Dealer-Added Options', and WE get the manufacturer's $500 Rebate.

And offering this in the most constructive non-chauvinistic male pig way possible, but no way in hayol would I have subjected my wife to all that malarkey, contrivance and subterfuge on her own.
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Since you cannot 'order' a new Tucson, you cannot in the Denver Colorado area, I don't understand the meaning behind 'get the best price' when they are all charging sticker for every unit.
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