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Turn signal windows

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OK I do love how the limited as the little LCD turn signal windows to help protect your Blindspot when changing lanes. My question is why when you’re turning right does it show an x1000 RPM in the window and why when you’re going left does it show the miles per hour that I am going?
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When those turn screens are not on, those are the positions on the dashboard that show speed (left cluster) and RPM (right cluster). This way you don't ever lose sight of those gauges. While not a big deal for the RPM side, I do like to know my speed at any time so I appreciate it on the left screen when signalling.
thank you I know it was a stupid question I would have an obvious answer but I didn’t know what it was LOL I don’t have the RPMs projected on the right hand side so that never even dawned on me and I always have the mph in middle thank you very much for not making me look stupid LOL
Was not a stupid question at all. It took me a bit to connect the dots too. So many things in this car that aren't in the manual.
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